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Laser Dentistry Q & A

SOL® Laser Dentistry

What dental conditions can be treated with laser dentistry?

Lasers are a safe and effective treatment for many issues affecting the soft tissues of the mouth. Dr. Shokri uses lasers for a variety of dental conditions and issues. For example, she can use laser therapy to treat periodontal disease by removing the infection from below the gum line and reshaping your gums. This innovative treatment has significantly minimized the recovery period often associated with gum disease treatment and has drastically minimized the discomfort of related dental procedures. The doctor also uses dental lasers to remove oral lesions or lessen the discomfort of cold sores and canker sores. Dental lasers are also used during cosmetic procedures to reshape the gums to improve the appearance of a patient’s smile.

What are the benefits of dental laser surgery?

Considering the other alternatives to dental laser surgery, you might begin to see that the primary benefit is that patients heal faster. The laser creates clean cuts and procedures usually require fewer appointments. Patients also experience less irritation during the procedure and afterward too. Another added benefit is that dental laser procedures are shorter than traditional treatment, which means you spend less time in the chair. So overall, you gain shorter recovery time, shorter procedure time, faster healing, and fewer appointments.

Are lasers safe?

The lasers used in dental procedures including laser-assisted periodontal treatments are completely safe for use by a trained dental professional like Dr. Shokri. The FDA and the ADA both have strict guidelines on both the kinds of lasers that can be used and the prerequisite training for dentists. Before treatment, the patient is provided with in-depth information about the treatment approach so he or she can feel confident in their care. The tools used by Dr. Shokri are calibrated to a specific wavelength so that she is able to effectively treat the patient without causing any harm or discomfort. If you have questions about laser dental treatments and how they might help address your dental concerns, Dr. Shokri will take the time to answer your questions and explain the treatment in detail, empowering you to make the best decision for your dental care.

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I love this place, i was recommended by a friend of mines, The vip experience they deliver is epic.... Very caring and attentive, and super clean i love the staff specially the dentist.... Cant wait to go back

- Ralph R. Los Angeles

Dr Shokri has been my dentist for 17 years. When I first started seeing her she had an office in Brentwood. Even though it now takes me sometimes an hour to drive to see her, I cannot imagine seeing another dentist. She is caring & professional & has a gentle touch. Highly recommended!!!!

- Abba Z. Marina del Rey

Just had a crown and two cavities filled. Both Dr. Shokri and Sami are extremely professional and friendly. My two hour appointment went flawless. I highly recommend Dr. Shokri for any dental procedure you need as she is one of the best dentist I ever had worked on my teeth.

-Bruce H. Los Angeles

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